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Chrome Books

  • In celebration of our 5th year, The Gresham Middle School Foundation is asking for your help.  The foundation, alongside Principal Donna Parker, has been working hard over the last four years towards a goal of placing technology in the hands of every student at Gresham Middle School.  Our goal is to be a 1:1 technology school.  Gresham has 829 students currently enrolled.  We are currently still in need of 270 more Chromebooks in order to reach our goal.
  • Our cost per Chromebook is $228.46.  Purchasing 270 more Chromebooks will cost $61,684.20.  While we've come a long way over the last four years, we still have a long way to go.  You can help us achieve our goal by funding a Chromebook or donating towards this cause.  It is only through your help that we can do all that we do for our children.
  • Won't you join us?

 "Playing It Forward" - GMS Band Instruments

  • The Gresham Middle School Foundation is seeking your help in "Playing It Forward."  Our school owned instruments have been used for many years now and may are simply worn-out.  Instruments are the main technology in band class.  Part of the process of building a great band is to provide it with the technology it needs to thrive and grow, and we need your help!  You may not know that the school system does not provide funds to purchase and replace instruments.  Our tubas are from the 1980's to 1990's, our baritones are from the 1960's to 1970's and our French horns are from the 1970's.  Wow!  As you can see many of these instruments are older than many of us. 

  • Gresham Middle School has 300 students currently enrolled in band, so you can see, band is quite a popular program at our school.  Band programs across the country rely on hand-me-downs from the high school and private donations. This is where you can help!  The Gresham Middle School Band needs the following:

9 tubas @ $2,500/each = $22,500.00
5 baritones @ $1,685/each = $8,425.00
7 French horns @ $2,000/each = $14,000.00
3 bass clarinets @ $2,211/each = $6,633.00
Total = $51,558.00 

Won't you help us?  You can fund a tuba, a baritone, a French horn or a bass clarinet. 

Or, you can simply donate towards this cause.

Gresham Middle School Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization